PSIP Informational Documents

PSIP is a small collection of tables designed to operate within every Transport Stream (TS) for terrestrial broadcast of digital television. Its purpose is to describe the information at the system and event levels for all virtual channels carried in a particular TS. Additionally, information for analog channels as well as digital channels from other Transport Streams may be incorporated.

There are two main categories of information in the ATSC PSIP Standard, system information and program data. System information allows navigation and access of the channels within the DTV transport stream, and the program data provides necessary information for efficient browsing and event selection. Some tables announce future events and some are used to locate the digital streams than make up an event. The PSIP data are carried via a collection of hierarchically arranged tables.

The following documents provide background information on the structure and use of PSIP.

Checklist for Standard PSIP Requirements (U.S.A)
Courtesy of NAB, Download PDF File

This document provides a convenient checklist of PSIP requirements for U.S broadcasters.


A Broadcaster's Guide to PSIP
5 October 2002, Download PDF File

This informational report prepared by ATSC staff summarizes the key parameters of PSIP that broadcasters must get right in order for the DTV system to function properly. Specific values are suggested for the various tables to aid in setting up a broadcast system.


ATSC Recommended Practice A/69:
Program and System Information Protocol Implementation Guidelines for Broadcasters
25 June 2002, Download PDF File

This document provides a set of guidelines for the use and implementation of the ATSC Program and System Information Protocol. The information contained herein applies to broadcasters, network operators, infrastructure manufacturers, and receiver manufacturers.


IS Finding:
Assessment of Data Content and Delivery for Control of the Digital Broadcast Transport Stream and PSIP Generation
25 September, 2002, Download PDF File

These findings result from an investigation carried out by ATSC Implementation Subcommittee PSIP Working Group during the period February – September 2002, and were adopted by the IS on September 24, 2002. They reference an informative document from the ATSC IS PSIP Working Group, Assessment of Data Content and Delivery for Control of the Digital Broadcast Transport Stream and PSIP Generation, dated September 24, 2002.


Other Resources

The Consumer Electronics Association has published a bulletin providing guidance to DTV receiver manufacturers on the use of PSIP data transmitted by DTV stations. The bulletin, EIA/CEA-CEB12 PSIP Recommended Practice, is available from Global Engineering Documents and can be accessed at



Document Formats

ATSC documents are available in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download a free reader from Adobe.

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